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Beachbody Shakeology Review

shakeology shakeMost people look forward to warmer days and sunshine, but for those who are overweight it can be a time of misery. Being unsure of yourself on the beach is never fun and people can be quite cruel.

This can lead to an overweight person wanting to isolate themselves. Too much weight puts a strain on the body and can lead to serious health problems.

While there is nothing more alluring than than a good, healthy body striding confidently towards the waves,  if you deny your body the nutrition it demands, you may lose an enviable amount of weight, but it will all come back again.

The secret is to providing your body with the right amount of nutrients so that you feel energetic, you lose weight and you keep it off.


Although I like Shakeology my favorite Meal Replacement Shake still remains RealMeal

Shakeology Nutrition Facts

With more than 70 different nutritious ingredients, the total calorie per serving of Beachbody Shakeology is only 150 calories, making it an excellent meal replacement and appetite suppressant.

The nutritional value of Shakeology is made up of

  1. Calcium – 300g
  2. Carbohydrates – 13g
  3. Protein – 17g
  4. Fiber – 3g
  5. Sodium – 200mg
  6. Vitamin C – 180mg
  7. Sugar – 9g
  8. Calories – 145g
  9. Fat – 15g

What is the Problem?

Our busy lives make fast food take-away’s an easy meal option. If fad diets, fast foods and skipped meals have depleted your body of the nutrients it craves, you could well be tired, depressed, lethargic, overweight and unsure of yourself.

With the right amount of nutrients your tired, overweight body can be rejuvenated and be restored to its healthy, energized state.

Beachbody Shakeology not only focuses on providing your body with phytonutrients and other nutrient dense foods, this super-food formula also offers you a memorable and tasty experience every time you sip your meal-a-day.
In a glass you get –

  • a product which is backed by studies and  been rigorously tested
  • a protein shake which promises health benefits
  • a nutritional tasty health shake
  • a range of vitamins and minerals
  • a low calorie formula that gives the exact right amounts of minerals and vitamins so the  body is able to function at optimum levels 
  • important super food ingredients are, among others goji berry, bilberry, gingko, isolated whey protein, green tea, chia meal, protease, kamut grass and others. 

In delicious flavors like Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Greenberry as well as the vegan Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate vegan, you will begin to feel a lot better with energy levels being at a more even keel. Your blood glucose levels will be well managed and this will ultimately lead to better appetite regulation and weight management.

Unique Toxin Cleanser

Shakeology also cleanses. No more separate toxin cleansing diets. The meal replacement has its own unique cleansing properties to remove toxins which inhibit your body from absorbing essential nutrients. The Shakeology Cleanse is a 3 day diet which requires drinking the protein shake twice a day along with good healthy meals. This cleanse diet will prepare your body for faster weight loss once you start with your new Shakeology meal plan.

You Can Control Your Weight

The good news about weight loss is that it can be managed through a combination of exercise and the use of specially developed products. With new increased energy you can work out more intensely and for much longer and over the course of 90 days, and by replacing one meal each day, with moderate exercise, you will notice health benefits like reduced cholesterol and cardiovascular risk.

Good health, plenty of energy and weight loss; with these wonderful gifts from Beachbody Shakeology, you’ll be looking forward to hot Summer days, and when you look and feel great, your confidence soars.


Using Quality Juice Feasting Recipes

If you have heard about water fasting, you should know that getting involved with juice feasting is a good way to give you a lot of benefits.

However, this is a process that is a lot healthier as juice feasting is a good way to help you heal, regenerate and nourish the entire body.

juice feasting recipes


When done correctly, this is a wonderful way to help you remove a lot of the toxins that are in your body along with a good amount of the irrelevant matter that has been hanging around inside your system.

Juice feasting is a great way to help you get a higher dose of vegetables and fruits than you would be able to get from regular snacking and eating.

Because fruits and vegetables are so good for your body, this is a wonderful way to help your digestive system.



Juices that are consumed are a good way to minimize the digestive efforts of your body, allows for the nutrients to get absorbed a lot easier and into your blood stream within just a few minutes.

Once you decide that you want to get started, you should look for a good amount of juice feasting recipes that will give you variety along with all of the health benefits.

Simply take a bag of organic baby spinach, a cup of fresh raspberries, four peeled oranges, two bananas, one half cup of ice and then 1/3 of a cup of your favorite all fruit juice or water.

Blend these ingredients together in your blender on high for at least a minute and you are going to have an incredible juice feasting recipe that is packed with all sorts of vitamins and minerals, is easy to consume and is very delicious. You can use it as a snack or even as a pick me up in the morning for breakfast time.


One of the best things about juice feasting is that you can mix and match a number of fresh fruits and veggies to come up with your own mixtures to taste.

Even if you are not a fan of certain vegetables such as spinach, kale or even beets, you can mix them in with some of your favorite fruits to get all of the benefits while masking them with all of the other flavors.

Think about taking golden beets and adding them to cantaloupe and carrots with your favorite juice. This is a perfect way to get the goodness without worrying about vegetables that you would not normally enjoy eating.

The more that you look around for juice feasting recipes and you try out different combinations, you are going to see that there are a lot of incredible ways that you can get the nutrition that your body needs and craves with simple drinks.



Not only will you be able to pack in the nutrition, but the chances are very good that you will be able to use the juicing as a way to lose weight, build up your immune system, fight a number of health issues and much more.